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Duchy of Schleswig
Hertugdømmet Slesvig (Danish)
Herzogtum Schleswig (German)
Coat of arms of Schleswig
Coat of arms
StatusFiefdom of the Danish Crown (partly between 1544 and 1713/20)
CapitalSchleswig, Flensburg, Copenhagen[citation needed]
Common languagesDanish, German, Low German, North Frisian
Catholicism, Lutheranism and Mennonitism (from 16th century), Judaism
GovernmentFeudal Duchy, Monarchy
• 1058–1095
Olaf I of Denmark
• 1863–66
Christian IX of Denmark
• Established
• Disestablished
CurrencySchleswig-Holstein speciethaler, Danish rigsdaler, Pfennig
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Duchy of Schleswig North Sea Empire
Province of Schleswig-Holstein Duchy of Schleswig
Today part ofDenmark

The Duchy of Schleswig (Danish: Hertugdømmet Slesvig; German: Herzogtum Schleswig; Low German: Hartogdom Sleswig; North Frisian: Härtochduum Slaswik) was a duchy in Southern Jutland (Sønderjylland) covering the area between about 60 km (35 miles) north and 70 km (45 mi) south of the current border between Germany and Denmark. The territory has been divided between the two countries since 1920, with Northern Schleswig in Denmark and Southern Schleswig in Germany. The region is also called Sleswick in English.

Unlike Holstein and Lauenburg, Schleswig was never a part of the German Confederation. Schleswig was instead a fief of Denmark, and its inhabitants spoke Danish, German, and North Frisian. Both Danish and German National Liberals wanted Schleswig to be part of a Danish or German national state in the 19th century. A German uprising in March 1848 caused the First Schleswig War which ended in 1852. The Second Schleswig War (1864) ended with the three duchies being governed jointly by Austria and Prussia. In 1866, they became a part of Prussia.

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Duchy of Schleswig

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The Duchy of Schleswig (Danish: Hertugdømmet Slesvig; German: Herzogtum Schleswig; Low German: Hartogdom Sleswig; North Frisian: Härtochduum Slaswik)...

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Second Schleswig War

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after the passing of the November Constitution of 1863, which integrated the Duchy of Schleswig into the Danish kingdom in violation of the London Protocol...

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the future border between Denmark and Germany through the former Duchy of Schleswig. The process was monitored by a commission with representatives from...

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Use of the term is most often restricted to a historical context; the historic German-Danish struggle regarding the status of the Duchy of Schleswig vis-à-vis...

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Slesvig is the Danish name for: Schleswig, Schleswig-Holstein, a German city The former Duchy of Schleswig (also: Southern Jutland) A former name for Hedeby...

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The Duchy of Saxony (Low German: Hartogdom Sassen, German: Herzogtum Sachsen) was originally the area settled by the Saxons in the late Early Middle Ages...

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Sønderjylland), a Danish fief under the Kings of Denmark. Denmark lost the Duchy of Schleswig, as well as the German Duchies of Holstein and Lauenburg, to Prussia...

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the new King of Denmark would not also be the new Duke of Schleswig or Duke of Holstein. To ensure the continued adhesion of the Elbe duchies to the Danish...

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the twin Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein following the London Protocol of 8 May 1852, which concluded the First War of Schleswig. Because of his father's...

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Holstein-Rendsburg (till 1460) and through the latter at times also the Duchy of Schleswig. The Schaumburgs were named after Schauenburg Castle, near Rinteln...

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