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Medhane Alem Cathedral in Addis Ababa
Ethiopian woman wearing a traditional Habesha kemis dress, preparing coffee using a Jebena
The Hager Fikir Theatre in Addis Ababa, founded in 1935

The culture of Ethiopia is diverse and generally structured along ethnolinguistic lines. Ethiopian culture is a tapestry woven with diverse traditions, reflecting the country's rich history and unique blend of influences. The country's Amharic-speaking majority at its core, Ethiopian culture encompasses a multitude of ethnic groups, each contributing distinct customs, languages, and artistic expressions. The Amhara people, who predominantly speak Amharic, have played a significant role in shaping Ethiopia's cultural identity, from their traditional music and dance Eskista to their cuisine and religious practices. Additionally, the Tigre, Somali, and the later migrated Oromo ethnics have also left indelible marks on Ethiopian culture. Their languages, traditions, and artistic expressions have contributed to the colorful mosaic of Ethiopian heritage. Furthermore, Ethiopia's interactions with its neighboring countries, such as Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, and Somalia, have infused its culture with diverse elements, highlighting its position as a crossroads of cultures where diversity thrives and influences merge, creating a dynamic and vibrant cultural landscape.

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Culture of Ethiopia

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The culture of Ethiopia is diverse and generally structured along ethnolinguistic lines. Ethiopian culture is a tapestry woven with diverse traditions...

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Ethiopia, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is a country located in the Horn of Africa region of East Africa. It shares borders with...

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Ethiopian cuisine

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and frequently available throughout Ethiopia, including rural areas. Coffee is also a large part of Ethiopian culture and cuisine. After every meal, a coffee...

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Ethiopian Empire

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The Ethiopian Empire, also formerly known by the exonym Abyssinia, or simply known as Ethiopia, was a sovereign state that historically encompasses the...

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Ethiopians are the native inhabitants of Ethiopia, as well as the global diaspora of Ethiopia. Ethiopians constitute several component ethnic groups,...

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History of Ethiopia

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Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in Africa; the emergence of Ethiopian civilization dates back thousands of years. Abyssinia or rather "Ze Etiyopia"...

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Emperor of Ethiopia

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or other symbols instead of Ethiopic characters. The emperor of Ethiopia (Ge'ez: ንጉሠ ነገሥት, romanized: nəgusä nägäst, "King of Kings"), also known as the...

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Haile Selassie

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1892 – 27 August 1975) was Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974. He rose to power as Regent Plenipotentiary of Ethiopia (Enderase) for Empress Zewditu from...

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Coffee ceremony of Ethiopia and Eritrea

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is a core cultural custom in Ethiopia and Eritrea. There is a routine of serving coffee daily, mainly for the purpose of getting together with relatives...

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History of the Jews in Ethiopia

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The history of the Jews in Ethiopia refers to people in Ethiopia who practice Judaism or have Jewish ancestry. This history goes back millennia. The largest...

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Outline of culture

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Culture of Ethiopia Culture of Kenya Culture of Madagascar Culture of Malawi Culture of Mauritius Culture of Mozambique Culture of Rwanda Culture of Seychelles...

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Culture of Africa

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deeply intertwined in African cultures. In Ethiopia, Christianity and Islam form the core aspects of Ethiopian culture and inform dietary customs and...

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Regions of Ethiopia

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አካባቢ astedader akabibi). This system of administrative regions replaced the provinces of Ethiopia in 1992. As of August 2023, there are twelve regional...

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Outline of Ethiopia

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Ethiopia Current events of Ethiopia Economic history of Ethiopia Military history of Ethiopia Culture of Ethiopia Architecture of Ethiopia Cuisine of...

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Ethiopian diaspora

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Ethiopian diaspora played central roles in various fields, including politics, business and culture and has influenced to promote Ethiopian culture and...

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Languages of Ethiopia

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The languages of Ethiopia include the official languages of Ethiopia, its national and regional languages, and a large number of minority languages, as...

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Beta Israel

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their traditional Ethiopian names, Ethiopian language, Ethiopian culture, and Ethiopian music. Falash Mura is the name given to those of the Beta Israel...

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Ethiopian art

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Ethiopian art is the manifestation in art of the Ethiopian civilization, an African Christian civilization that developed for millennia in relative isolation...

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Ethiopianism may refer to: Ethiopian studies, the western academic study of Ethiopian history and culture The Ethiopian movement, a social movement that...

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Religion in Ethiopia

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Religion in Ethiopia consists of a number of faiths. Among these mainly Abrahamic religions, the most numerous is Christianity (Ethiopian Orthodoxy, P'ent'ay...

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Addis Ababa

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lit. 'fountain of hot mineral water', Amharic: አዲስ አበባ, lit. 'new flower' [adˈdis ˈabəba] ) is the capital and largest city of Ethiopia. In the 2007 census...

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Public holidays in Ethiopia

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The following lists are public holidays in Ethiopia. Many holidays follow the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. In addition, the following Muslim holidays...

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is a public holiday in coincidence of New Year in Ethiopia and Eritrea. It occurs on Meskerem 1 on the Ethiopian calendar, which is 11 September (or...

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Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

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may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Ethiopic characters. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (Amharic: የኢትዮጵያ ኦርቶዶክስ ተዋሕዶ ቤተ...

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Islam in Ethiopia

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religion in Ethiopia behind Christianity, with 31.3 to 35.9 percent of the total population of around 83 million people professing the religion as of 2022....

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Demographics of Ethiopia

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The demographics of Ethiopia encompass the demographic features of inhabitants in Ethiopia, including ethnicity, languages, population density, education...

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Television in Ethiopia

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for Ethiopia (March 2017) Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation Media in Ethiopia Culture of Ethiopia African Media Development Initiative: Ethiopia, p....

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Menelik II

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invaders in the First Italo-Ethiopian War; following a decisive victory at the Battle of Adwa, recognition of Ethiopia's independence by external powers...

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Ethiopian studies

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people). It includes the study of the other Afro-Asiatic languages and cultures of Ethiopia and Eritrea besides those of Ethio-semitic derivation; the...

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