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Cojutepeque at night
Cojutepeque at night
Cojutepeque is located in El Salvador
Location in El Salvador
Coordinates: 13°43′N 88°56′W / 13.717°N 88.933°W / 13.717; -88.933Coordinates: 13°43′N 88°56′W / 13.717°N 88.933°W / 13.717; -88.933
CountryCojutepeque El Salvador
DepartmentCuscatlán Department
 • Municipality31.43 km2 (12.14 sq mi)
853 m (2,799 ft)
 • Municipality50,315
 • Metro

Cojutepeque (Spanish pronunciation: [koxuteˈpeke]) is the capital city of El Salvador's Cuscatlán department. It also served as the capital of San Salvador during several years. It also serves as the administrative centre for the surrounding municipality of Cojutepeque. Its population is estimated at 70,000 people with about 85% living in the urban areas of the municipality.[1]

The Pan-American Highway connects Cojutepeque with San Salvador 33 km away.[1]

Its height is 850 meters above sea level; it enjoys a pleasant climate. Its nickname is "City of the Mists".[1]

The name Cojutepeque is derived from the Nahuatl words for "at the hill of the coyotes".[1] It received the title of city in 1846. The ancient churches of San Juan Degollado, San José and San Sebastián can be found in the city. Cojutepeque's patron saint is Saint Sebastian, and there is a fair in honor of Saint John the Baptist (San Juan Degollado).[1]

Cereals, sugarcane, loaf-sugar, panela, and fruit are cultivated and grown here, and local industries include the manufacture of hats made out of palm-fronds. The sausages of Cojutepeque (los chorizos de Cojutepeque) are known throughout El Salvador.[1]

The football club Cojutepeque F.C. is based here.

Its principal tourist attraction is Cerro de las Pavas, from which the lake of Ilopango, the volcano of San Vicente, and the Valley of Jiboa can be seen.[1]

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