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The floating temple of the Coconut Religion, photographed in 1969

The Coconut Religion is a religion founded by Ông Đạo Dừa in Ben Tre, South Vietnam. It was one of many religions in the South until communist authorities abolished it in 1975. Dao Dua advocated religious harmony, synthesizing many religions, especially Buddhism and Christianity. The Coconut Religion is not currently recognized as a religion by the Vietnamese government.

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Coconut Religion

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The Coconut Religion is a religion founded by Ông Đạo Dừa in Ben Tre, South Vietnam. It was one of many religions in the South until communist authorities...

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in Hinduism. It also plays a central role in the Coconut Religion founded in 1963 in Vietnam. Coconuts were first domesticated by the Austronesian peoples...

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Religion in Vietnam

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(1909–1990) created the Coconut Religion (Vietnamese: Đạo Dừa or Hòa đồng Tôn giáo), a syncretic Buddhist, Christian and local Vietnamese religion which at its peak...

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Schools of Buddhism

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fundamentalism Buddhist socialism Critical Buddhism Secular Buddhism Coconut Religion Dhammakaya Movement Diamond Way Dobokai Engaged Buddhism Buddhist Peace...

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Burmese folk religion

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Burmese folk religion refers to the animistic and polytheistic religious worship of nats (deities of local and Hindu origin) and ancestors in Myanmar (Burma)...

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Indigenous Philippine folk religions

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Indigenous Philippine folk religions are the distinct native religions of various ethnic groups in the Philippines, where most follow belief systems in...

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Religion in the Marshall Islands

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Christianity has been the main religion in the Marshall Islands ever since it was introduced by European missionaries in the 19th century. The government...

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Jainism (/ˈdʒeɪnɪzəm/JAY-niz-əm), also known as Jain Dharma, is an Indian religion. Jainism traces its spiritual ideas and history through the succession...

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Hawaiian religion

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Hawaiian religion refers to the indigenous religious beliefs and practices of native Hawaiians, also known as the kapu system. Hawaiian religion is based...

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Religion in Fiji

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affairs were part of the Fiji religion. Using various specially decorated natural objects like a conch shell bound in coconut fibre rope or war club, it...

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a pancake, made of a rice flour-based batter with coconut milk or coconut cream and shredded coconut as an emulsifier. Most traditional serabi tastes sweet...

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Religion in Tamil Nadu

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(1999). Jasmine and Coconuts: South Indian Tales. Libraries Unlimited. p. 133. ISBN 978-1-56308-576-5. Gajrani, S. (2004). History, Religion and Culture of...

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public sector, food products and furniture. Major exports are coconut products including Coconut fibre (coir) and fishes. While the actual arable land is minimal...

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Hindustan Times. Siex, K. S.; Struhsaker, T. T. (1999). "Colobus monkeys and coconuts: A study of perceived human-wildlife conflicts". Journal of Applied Ecology...

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other essential product of the Maldives was coir, the fibre of the dried coconut husk, resistant to saltwater. It stitched together and rigged the dhows...

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also used to refer to a religion not practiced by the majority of a given society regardless of whether the prevailing religion contains alleged superstitions...

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Obi divination

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or kola nuts; in Latin America and the Caribbean it uses four pieces of coconut. "BASIC OBI ABATA DIVINATION" (PDF). Retrieved 28 November...

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Religion in Tonga

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contextual questions offered by people of the Pacific. This includes the coconut theology of the Methodist Sione 'Amanaki Havea or the incarnational theology...

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the coconut tree is said to have an anthropomorphic origin. The word naashi (coconut shell) is the word for skull in the Dhivehi language. The coconut tree...

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first coconut tree and other significant plants are born. It is believed in Theosophy, founded mainly by Helena Blavatsky, that each religion (including...

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country's leading producer of coconut products such as desiccated coconut, virgin coconut oil, coconut juice, coconut oil and copra. A large part of...

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Coconut production in Sri Lanka

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Coconut production contributes to the national economy of Sri Lanka. The scientific name of the coconut is Cocos nucifera. Sri Lanka there are three varieties...

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only Ramsar wetland site in Goa. Goa is also known for its coconut cultivation. The coconut tree has been reclassified by the government as a palm (like...

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Manipur, India, using a coconut, which has some notable similarities to rugby. Yubi lakpi literally means "coconut snatching". The coconut is greased to make...

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