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Central Pacific languages information

Central Pacific
Fiji and Polynesia
Linguistic classificationAustronesian
  • Malayo-Polynesian
    • Oceanic
      • Central–Eastern
        • Central Pacific
Proto-languageProto-Central Pacific
  • West Fijian – Rotuman
  • East Fijian – Polynesian
The Central Pacific languages
Pink is Western Fijian – Rotuman; ocher East Fijian – Polynesian (not shown: Rapa Nui)

The family of Central Pacific or Central Oceanic languages, also known as Fijian–Polynesian, are a branch of the Oceanic languages.

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Central Pacific languages

Last Update:

The family of Central Pacific or Central Oceanic languages, also known as Fijian–Polynesian, are a branch of the Oceanic languages. Ross et al. (2002)...

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Central Pacific

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subdivision of the Pacific Ocean Areas, an Allied military command in World War II Central Pacific languages, a branch of the Oceanic languages This disambiguation...

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Polynesian languages

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Polynesian languages form a genealogical group of languages, itself part of the Oceanic branch of the Austronesian family. There are 38 Polynesian languages, representing...

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Oceanic languages

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Vanuatu languages Loyalties-New Caledonia languages Micronesian languages Central Pacific languages Western Central Pacific linkage Rotuman language Western...

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Central Philippine languages

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The Central Philippine languages are the most geographically widespread demonstrated group of languages in the Philippines, being spoken in southern Luzon...

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Central Vanuatu languages

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The Central Vanuatu languages form a linkage of Southern Oceanic languages spoken in central Vanuatu. Clark (2009) provides the following classification...

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Central Maluku languages

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Bay languages (20 languages) Collins, James T. (1983). The Historical Relationships of the Languages of Central Maluku, Indonesia. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics...

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Central America

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Colombia to the south, the Caribbean Sea to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Central America consists of seven countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El...

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Central Solomon languages

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The Central Solomon languages are the four Papuan languages spoken in the state of the Solomon Islands. The four languages are, listed from northwest to...

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Remote Oceanic languages

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Central Pacific languages Eastern Outer Islands languages Loyalty Islands languages Micronesian languages New Caledonian languages North and Central Vanuatu...

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Central Asia

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Turkic peoples, Central Asia also became the homeland for the Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Tatars, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, and Uyghurs; Turkic languages largely replaced...

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Melanesian languages

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the languages of Fiji, i.e. all the Central Pacific languages except Polynesian. all non-Austronesian languages of the region, i.e. Papuan languages (themselves...

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Philippine languages

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Philippine languages or Philippinic are a proposed group by R. David Paul Zorc (1986) and Robert Blust (1991; 2005; 2019) that include all the languages of the...

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Salishan languages

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The Salishan (also Salish) languages are a family of languages of the Pacific Northwest in North America (the Canadian province of British Columbia and...

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Southern Oceanic languages

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The Southern Oceanic languages are a linkage of Oceanic languages spoken in Vanuatu and New Caledonia. It was proposed by Lynch, Ross, and Crowley in 2002...

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Rotuman language

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of the Pacific. Linguist Andrew Pawley groups the language with the West Fijian languages in a West Fijian–Rotuman branch of the Central Pacific subgroup...

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Athabaskan languages

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family of indigenous languages of North America, located in western North America in three areal language groups: Northern, Pacific Coast and Southern (or...

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Austronesian languages

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Austronesian languages (/ˌɔːstrəˈniːʒən/) are a language family widely spoken throughout Maritime Southeast Asia, Madagascar, the islands of the Pacific Ocean...

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Micronesian languages

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The twenty Micronesian languages form a family of Oceanic languages. Micronesian languages are known for their lack of plain labial consonants; they have...

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Tuvaluan language

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and most closely related to the languages spoken on the Polynesian Outliers in Micronesia and Northern and Central Melanesia. Tuvaluan has borrowed considerably...

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Central Luzon languages

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The Central Luzon languages are a group of languages belonging to the Philippine languages. These are predominantly spoken in the western portions of Central...

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Bisayan languages

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related to Tagalog and the Bikol languages, all of which are part of the Central Philippine languages. Most Bisayan languages are spoken in the whole Visayas...

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Arrernte language

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defines the Arandic group of languages/dialects as comprising 5 Aranda (Arrernte) dialects, plus two distinct languages, Kaytetye (Koch, 2004) and Lower...

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Austroasiatic languages

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the Wa language is the de facto official language of Wa State. Santali is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India. The rest of the languages are spoken...

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