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Capitan Prat information

Capitan Prat usually refers to Chilean navy officer Arturo Prat. It may also refer to:

  • Capitán Prat Province, Chile
  • Captain Arturo Prat Base, a Chilean research station in the South Shetland Islands
  • Chilean ship Capitán Prat, several ships with the name

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Capitan Prat

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Capitan Prat usually refers to Chilean navy officer Arturo Prat. It may also refer to: Capitán Prat Province, Chile Captain Arturo Prat Base, a Chilean...

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Jean Prat, a French rugby union footballer José Prat (politician), Spanish politician Villa Prat a small city in the O'Higgins Region in Chile Capitán Prat...

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Wager Island

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600 kilometres (990 miles) south of Santiago, the island is part of Capitán Prat Province of the Aysén Region, Chile. The island was the location of the...

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Arturo Prat

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as Capitan Prat in 2006. One of Chile's Antarctic research facilities, Arturo Prat Station, and the Chilean Naval Academy, Escuela Naval Arturo Prat are...

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HMAS Newcastle

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and transferred to the Chilean Navy on 15 April 2020 and renamed as Capitán Prat (FFG 11). Following the cancellation of the Australian light destroyer...

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Chilean Navy

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two armoured ships in English docks. A new predreadnought battleship, Capitán Prat, was ordered under the new construction program in 1889. The advent of...

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Japanese cruiser Tsukushi

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Gatling gun, as well as two torpedo tubes. Tsukushi was laid down as Arturo Prat on 10 February 1879 for the Chilean Navy and launched on 11 August 1880....

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List of lakes by depth

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Sheet ~900 ~2953 8.94×10^−6 6. O'Higgins-San Martín  Chile  Argentina Capitán Prat Province (Chile) and Santa Cruz Province (Argentina) 836 2,742 2.63×10^−5...

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List of active ships of the Chilean Navy

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Latorre". Armada de Chile (in Spanish). Retrieved 23 January 2022. "FFG-11 Capitán Prat". Armada de Chile (in Spanish). Retrieved 23 January 2022. "FF-15 Almirante...

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It lies between the Northern and Southern Patagonian Ice Field in the Capitán Prat Province in the Aysén Region. The commune is administered by the municipality...

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Caleta Tortel

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783°S 73.533°W / -47.783; -73.533 Country  Chile Region Aisén Province Capitán Prat Municipalidad Tortel Comuna Tortel Government  • Type Municipalidad  • Alcalde...

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List of flagships

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Royal Canadian Navy HMCS Athabaskan Destroyer 2015-2017 Chilean Navy Capitán Prat Battleship 1893-1920 Chilean Navy Almirante Latorre Battleship 1920-1958...

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South American dreadnought race

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significantly increased their naval budget and ordered the battleship Capitán Prat, two protected cruisers, and two torpedo boats. These ships would be...

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Candelario Mancilla

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87184600°S 72.73639850°W / -48.87184600; -72.73639850 Country Chile Region Aysen Province Capitán Prat Commune O'Higgins Population  • Total 2 Climate Cfb...

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Provinces of Chile

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Aysén 3 46,588.8 29,631 General Carrera Chile Chico 2 11,919.5 6,921 Capitan Prat Cochrane 3 37,043.6 3,837 Magallanes (XII) Magallanes Punta Arenas 4...

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