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Can Tho University
Trường Đại học Cần Thơ
PresidentHà Thanh Toàn
Vice-presidentTrần Trung Tính; Trần Ngọc Hải; Nguyễn Hiếu Trung
Academic staff
Can Tho

Can Tho University (Vietnamese: Trường Đại học Cần Thơ) is a public research university in Can Tho, Vietnam. Established in 1966, it is a multidisciplinary university and a leading university in the Mekong Delta.[1] Can Tho University is a leading agricultural research center in Vietnam. Can Tho University has nine colleges and three research institutes.[2] Its goal is to be one of the leading higher education institutions in Vietnam and to be recognised as one of the top universities in the Asia-Pacific region in training and research by 2022.[3]

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