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Campagna e Marittima Province information

Campagna e Marittima Province
The Roman Gate at Frosinone

The Campagna and Marittima Province (Latin Campaniæ Maritimæque Provincia, Italian Provincia di Campagna e Marittima) was one of the seven provinces of the Papal States from the 12th century to the end of the 18th.

The province was established by Pope Innocent III in the year 1198, with Frosinone as its capital. Innocent's aim was to counter atemmpts to achieve self-government in some of the towns in the south of his domains, such as Alatri, Ferentino, Velletri and Terracina, by installing a garrison at Ferentino. Even before that the "Province of the Roman Campagna and Marittima Province' was part of the Patrimony of St Peter.[1]

In 1357, the establishment of the province was confirmed by the Constitutiones Sanctæ Matris Ecclesiæ.

The province was administered by a class of feudal 'Roman barons'.[2]

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Campagna e Marittima Province

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