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Bujumbura Mairie Province information

Bujumbura Mairie Province
 • Total127 km2 (49 sq mi)
 (2021 census)
 • Total1,225,142
 • Density9,600/km2 (25,000/sq mi)

Bujumbura Mairie Province is one of the eighteen provinces of Burundi. It consists entirely of the city of Bujumbura, Burundi's former capital.

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Bujumbura Mairie Province

Last Update:

was created by splitting Bujumbura Province into Bujumbura Mairie Province and Bujumbura Rural Province. The city of Bujumbura is divided into three communes...

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in Bujumbura Market "IGIHE", 27 janvier, 2013 "Succession à la tête de la Mairie de Bujumbura". (in French). Mairie de Bujumbura. Archived...

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Bujumbura Province

Last Update:

Bujumbura Province is a former province of Burundi. It is now split into the Bujumbura Mairie Province (which contains the country's former capital Bujumbura)...

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Commune of Buyenzi

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(District) of Bujumbura Mairie Province in western Burundi. The district us known for its Swahili heritage and influence not just in Bujumbura but Burundi...

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dictionary. Muha may refer to: Muha (surname) Muha (commune), Bujumbura Mairie Province, Burundi Muha Vas, a village in Slovenia José Martí International...

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Bujumbura attacks

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Three military camps[citation needed] and an officers' school in Bujumbura, the then-capital of Burundi, came under fire on 11 December 2015. Several...

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Provinces of Burundi

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In 2000, the province encompassing Bujumbura was separated into two provinces, Bujumbura Rural and Bujumbura Mairie. The newest province, Rumonge, was...

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Demographics of Burundi

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Fertility data as of 2010 (DHS Program): The fertility rate in the Bujumbura Mairie Province fell to 3.7 by 2016-2017; the other regions were not aggregated...

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Subdivisions of Burundi

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occasions. The most recent province, Rumonge, was created in 2015. The provinces are Bubanza, Bujumbura Mairie, Bujumbura Rural, Bururi, Cankuzo, Cibitoke...

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List of national capitals serving as administrative divisions

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the Burundian government, are currently located in the former capital, Bujumbura. All branches of the Burundian government are expected to relocate to...

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List of Burundian provinces by population

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the 2008 census, taking into account the creation of Rumonge Province from parts of Bujumbura Rural and Bururi in March 2015. Provinces of Burundi Geography...

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In 2000, the province encompassing Bujumbura was separated into two provinces, Bujumbura Rural and Bujumbura Mairie. The newest province, Rumonge, was...

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List of Art Deco architecture in Africa

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Hotel [rn], Bujumbura Cinema Cine Cameo, Bujumbura, 1922 Hospital Rural, Ruyigi Hotel Paguidas, Bujumbura Leo telecom building, Bujumbura Restaurant Tanganyika...

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2019 Burundi landslides

Last Update:

floods, mudslides and landslides in various provinces, especially Bujumbura (Mairie and Rural), Cibitoke, Bubanza, Muyinga, Cankuzo, and Muramvya provinces...

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List of capitals outside the territories they serve

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chartered city that is not part of Oromia. Bujumbura, Burundi – capital of both Bujumbura Mairie and Bujumbura Rural provinces; the city itself is located...

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List of airports in Burundi

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City served Province ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates Runway Bujumbura Bujumbura Mairie HBBA BJM Bujumbura International Airport 3°19′26.2″S 29°19′6...

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List of Burundian provinces by area

Last Update:

1,474 11 Karuzi 1,457 12 Kayanza 1,233 13 Bubanza 1,089 14 Rumonge 1,080 15 Bujumbura Rural 1,060 16 Mwaro 840 17 Muramvya 696 18 Bujumbura Mairie 87...

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La Mairie de Monaco. "Le scrutin en chiffres - Elections Nationales 2018 - Les résultats - Annonces - Site officiel de la Mairie de Monaco".

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Communes of Burundi

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Assembly and the Senate to take effect. The communes are listed below, by province: Commune of Bubanza Commune of Gihanga Commune of Musigati Commune of Mpanda...

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List of current provincial governors in Burundi

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of government of Burundi Vice-President of Burundi List of mayors of Bujumbura Lists of office-holders "Burundi : Six provinces dotées de nouveaux Gouverneurs"...

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List of twin towns and sister cities in China

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Russia Hefei Aalborg, Denmark Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom Bujumbura, Burundi Columbus, United States Darebin, Australia Freetown, Sierra Leone...

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