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Boeing Dreamlifter information

Boeing Dreamlifter
Boeing, N780BA, B747-409(LCF) Dreamlifter - PAE (19833251496).jpg
Boeing 747-400 LCF Dreamlifter
Role Outsize cargo freight aircraft
Manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation
First flight September 9, 2006
Introduction 2007
Status In service
Primary user Atlas Air under contract with Boeing
Number built 4 (all converted aircraft)
Developed from Boeing 747-400

The Boeing 747-400 Large Cargo Freighter (LCF) is a wide-body cargo aircraft modified extensively from the Boeing 747-400 airliner. With a volume of 65,000 cubic feet (1,840 m3)[1] it can hold three times that of a 747-400F freighter.[2] The outsized aircraft, known as the Dreamlifter, was designed to transport Boeing 787 Dreamliner parts between Italy, Japan, and the U.S., but has also flown medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.[3]

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