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Natural tree tunnel in Bahoruco province
Natural tree tunnel in Bahoruco province
Baoruco in Dominican Republic.svg
Coordinates: 18°29′24″N 71°25′12″W / 18.49000°N 71.42000°W / 18.49000; -71.42000
CountryDominican Republic
Province since1943
 • Congresspersons1 Senator
2 Deputies
 • Total1,282.23 km2 (495.07 sq mi)
 • Total111,269
 • Density87/km2 (220/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-4 (EST)
Area codes1-809, 1-829, 1-849
ISO 3166 codeDO-03

Baoruco, alternatively spelt Bahoruco (Spanish pronunciation: [baoˈɾuko]), is a province of the Dominican Republic located in the southwest of the country, part of the Enriquillo Region, along with the provinces of Barahona, Independencia and Pedernales. Before 1952 it included what is now Independencia Province.

Important features are the Sierra de Neiba mountain range and Lake Enriquillo.

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Baoruco Province

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Baoruco, alternatively spelt Bahoruco (Spanish pronunciation: [baoˈɾuko]), is a province of the Dominican Republic located in the southwest of the country...

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Baoruco (or Bahoruco) may refer to: Baoruco Province, in the Dominican Republic Baoruco Mountain Range with Sierra de Bahoruco National Park Bahoruco...

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Baoruco Mountain Range

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The Bahoruco Mountain Range—Sierra de Bahoruco (or Sierra de Bahoruco) is a mountain range located in the far southwestern region of the Dominican Republic...

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Independencia Province

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was part of the Baoruco Province. The name was given in remembrance of the National Independence of February 27, 1844. The province Independencia was...

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municipality in the San Pedro de Macorís Province Santana, Baoruco, a municipal district in the Baoruco Province Santana, Peravia, Dominican Republic, a...

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southwest of the Dominican Republic. It is the capital city of the Baoruco province, and is located 180 kilometres west of the national capital, Santo...

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Lake Enriquillo

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Enriquillo include Neiba, the capital of Baoruco Province, on the northeast, and Jimaní, the capital of Independencia Province, at the western end of the lake...

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Azua Province

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the northern half of the province is also the Cordillera Central. In the southwest, on the border with the Barahona and Baoruco provinces, are the Martín...

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Province Date Created Preceding Entity Old Names Azua March 12, 1844 One of the Original 5 Provinces Baoruco March 10, 1943 Separated from Barahona Province...

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series of the Ben 10 franchise Galván, Dominican Republic, a town in Baoruco Province, Dominican Republic Galvan (fashion brand), a British fashion label...

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Ubilla is a town in the province of Baoruco in the Dominican Republic. World Gazeteer: Dominican Republic at (archived 2012-12-04) – World-Gazetteer...

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Battle of Fuente del Rodeo

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Dominican War of Independence. It was fought on the 13 March 1844 in the province of Bahoruco. A force of Dominican troops, a portion of the Army of the...

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Hurricane Elsa

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southwestern Baoruco Province, resulting in two separate fatalities of a 15-year-old boy and 75-year-old woman on July 3. Floods in San Cristóbal Province forced...

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Villa Jaragua is a town and a municipality in the Bahoruco province of the Dominican Republic, close to the Lake Enriquillo. The town was known as Barbacoa...

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the border with Haiti. Sierra De Baoruco National Park (Parque Nacional Sierra De Baoruco) In the high Sierra De Baoruco mountain range, of the southwestern...

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Dominican Republic. Salcedo, their home province, changed its name to Provincia Hermanas Mirabal (Mirabal Sisters Province). The International Day for the Elimination...

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