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Grand Duchy of Baden with the Margraviate (red) and gains after 1803
Hohenbaden Castle on the Battert above Baden-Baden
Monument to Charles Frederick, Grand Duke of Baden in front of Karlsruhe Palace

Baden (/ˈbɑːdən/; German: [ˈbaːdən]) is a historical territory in South Germany, in earlier times on both sides of the Upper Rhine but since the Napoleonic Wars only East of the Rhine.

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of Baden originated from the House of Zähringen. Baden is named after the margraves' residence, Hohenbaden Castle in Baden-Baden. Hermann II of Baden first...

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Grand Duchy of Baden

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The Grand Duchy of Baden (German: Großherzogtum Baden) was a state in the southwest German Empire on the east bank of the Rhine. It existed between 1806...

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Baden Baden International

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The Baden Baden International also known as the Baden-Baden tennis tournament and the Baden Baden Invitational was a tennis event held from 1896 through...

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inhabitants. It is also a former capital of Baden, a historic region named after Hohenbaden Castle in the city of Baden-Baden. Located on the right bank of the...

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Prince Maximilian of Baden

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Maximilian, Margrave of Baden (Maximilian Alexander Friedrich Wilhelm; 10 July 1867 – 6 November 1929), also known as Max von Baden, was a German prince...

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Michael Baden

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Michael M. Baden (born July 27, 1934) is an American physician and board-certified forensic pathologist known for his work investigating high-profile...

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Baden Powell

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Baden-Powell (/ˌbeɪdən ˈpoʊəl/) is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: The Rev. Prof. Baden Powell (mathematician) (1796–1860), mathematician...

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Margraviate of Baden

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The Margraviate of Baden (German: Markgrafschaft Baden) was a historical territory of the Holy Roman Empire. Spread along the east side of the Upper Rhine...

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