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Atlantic Revolutions
Part of the Age of Revolution
Atlantic Revolutions.png
Lands affected by the Atlantic Revolutions in Europe
Date22 March 1765 — 4 December 1838
CauseAmerican Revolution
OutcomeMultiple revolutions across the Atlantic world, including the American Revolutionary War and Latin American wars of independence
Atlantic Revolutions
A tree of liberty topped with a Phrygian cap set up in Mainz in 1793. Such symbols were used by several revolutionary movements of the time.
Atlantic Revolutions
Bastille Day, 1792, Belfast, Ireland. Volunteer companies parade "The Colours of Five Free Nations, viz.: Flag of Ireland – motto, Unite and be free. Flag of America – motto, The Asylum of Liberty. Flag of France – motto, The Nation, the Law, and the King. Flag of Poland – motto, We will support it. Flag of Great Britain – motto, Wisdom, Spirit, and Liberality."[1]

The Atlantic Revolutions were a revolutionary wave in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. It was associated with the Atlantic World during the era from the 1760s to the 1830s.

  1. ^ Madden, Richard (1843). The United Irishmen, Their Lives and Times (30 May 2020 ed.). Belfast: J. Madden & Company. p. 179.

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