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Arsi people information

Regions with significant populations
Arsi Zone & West Arsi Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia
Predominantly Sunni Islam[1]

Arsi Oromo is an ethnic Oromo branch, inhabiting the Arsi, West Arsi and Bale Zones of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, as well as in the Adami Tullu and Jido Kombolcha woreda of East Shewa Zone. They Arsi are made up of the Sikkoo-Mandoo branch of Barento Oromo. The Arsi in all zones speaks Oromo share the same culture, traditions and identity with other subgroup Oromo.

Arsi people
Map showing the Oromia region and Arsi zone. The Arsi make up the Arsi, West Arsi, Bale and East Bale zones of Oromia
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Arsi people

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Arsi Oromo is an ethnic Oromo branch, inhabiting the Arsi, West Arsi and Bale Zones of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, as well as in the Adami Tullu and...

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Mountains National Park in Arsi Zone Arsi Oromo, an Ethiopian clan of the Oromo people Arsi language, a dialect of Oromo language Ārśi, the original name, in...

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Oromo people

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moiety of the Oromo people. The Barentu Oromo inhabit the eastern parts of the Oromia Region in the Zones of West Hararghe, Arsi Zone, Bale Zone, Dire...

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Arsi Province

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Arsi Province (Amharic: አርሲ) was a province of Ethiopian Empire with its capital at Asella. Historically a part of the Emirate of Harar until its invasion...

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Southern Oromo language

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such as the Sakuye. Dialects are Borana proper (Boran, Borena), possibly Arsi (Arussi, Arusi) and Guji (Gujji, Jemjem) in Ethiopia and, in Kenya, Karayu...

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Tocharian languages

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(sometimes Tokharian) languages (/təˈkɛəriən/ or /təˈkɑːriən/), also known as Arśi-Kuči, Agnean-Kuchean or Kuchean-Agnean, are an extinct branch of the Indo-European...

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West Arsi Zone

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West Arsi (Oromo: Arsii Lixaa/Dhihaa) is a zone in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. This zone is named after a subgroup of the Oromo, who inhabit it. It...

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Arsi Harju

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Arsi Ilari Harju (born March 18, 1974) is a Finnish former track and field athlete who competed in the shot put. He won the gold medal at the 2000 Summer...

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of the two major subgroups of the Oromo people. They live in the West Hararghe Zone, East Hararghe Zone, Arsi zone, of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia while...

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Hadiya people

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Aboosare, Abbiyyo, Gammaso, Wosharmine, Qaalisha, Shandar 5. Hadiya Clans in Arsi and Bale: Abaanna, Abbayymanna, Abbure, Aboosara, Holbaatmanna, Wonamanna...

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They were ultimately defeated in 1886. In the 1940s some Arsi Oromo together with people from Bale province joined the Harari Kulub movement, an affiliate...

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Prakruti Mishra

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television. She has received the National Film Award (Special Mention) for Hello Arsi. She was most recent seen as Devanyi In Jai Kanhaiya Lal Kion Star Bharat...

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Harari people

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previously known as "Adere", although this term is now considered derogatory. Arsi Oromo state an intermarriage took place between their ancestors and the previous...

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List of Oromo subgroups and clans

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Warra Asallaa Arsi (Arse) Mandoo Arsi Warra Bulla Warra Wacallee Warra Waajii Warra Ilaan Warra Hawaxa Warra Utaa Warra Jawwii Sikko Arsi Warra Wayyu Warra...

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Arsi Nami

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Arsalan Nami (Persian: ارسلان نامی) (born May 21, 1984) better known as Arsi Nami, is a Swedish-Persian actor, music therapist, singer, songwriter, screenwriter...

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Jawar Mohammed

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Mohammed was born on 12 May 1986 in the Dhumuga, Arsi Province bordering Hararghe. His father was Arsi Oromo, of Muslim faith, while his mother was Tulama...

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Rutul people

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Degestan Republic (Russia) N.Magomedov - the head of joint-stock company "Arsi". R.Aliev - the deputy director of joint-stock company "Yugstalkonstructsia"...

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name of two towns in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia: Negele Arsi (or Arsi Negele), in Mirab Arsi Zone Negele Boran, in Guji Zone Negele Knight (born 1967)...

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romanized: Qarasheher), which was originally known, in the Tocharian languages as Ārśi (or Arshi) and Agni or the Chinese derivative Yanqi (Chinese: 焉耆; pinyin:...

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is of J2 type. On the other hand, 26% of the individuals sampled in the Arsi control portion of Moran et al. (2004) were found to belong to Haplogroup...

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Ptolemy as Aorsy and Arsiity, respectively. Estakhri, from the 10th century, has recorded among the three groups of the Rus people the al-arsanija, whose...

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List of ancient Iranian peoples

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name "Gushi" or the name "Arsi" and "Asii", however most scholars argue that they were possibly Northeastern Iranian peoples) Argippaei Asii / Issedones...

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Lake Pichola

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from where the king would watch the annual Gangaur festival celebration. Arsi Vilas, small island which was an ammunition depot, but also a small palace...

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Argobba people

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Conquest and Resistance in the Ethiopian Empire, 1880 - 1974: The Case of the Arsi Oromo. BRILL. p. 180. ISBN 978-90-04-26548-6. Ancel, Stephane. A Muslim Prophecy...

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