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Arsi University was established on 15 October 2014, in Asella city, Oromia, Ethiopia.[citation needed][1]

  1. ^ CSA 2005 National Statistics Archived November 23, 2006, at the Wayback Machine, Table D.2

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Arsi University

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Arsi University was established on 15 October 2014, in Asella city, Oromia, Ethiopia.[citation needed] CSA 2005 National Statistics Archived November...

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Arsi Zone

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Arsi (Oromo: Godina Arsii) is a zone in Oromia Region of Ethiopia, named after a clan of the Oromo, who inhabit in the area. Arsi is bordered on the south...

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Arsi people

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Arsi Oromo is an ethnic Oromo branch, inhabiting the Arsi, West Arsi and Bale Zones of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia, as well as in the Adami Tullu and...

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average of 25%. Adama University Ambo University Arsi University Dambi Dollo University Dandii Boruu University College Haramaya University Jimma Teachers College...

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(Oromo: Asallaa, Amharic: አሰላ) is a town in central Ethiopia. Located in the Arsi Zone of the Oromia Region 126 km (78 mi) south from Addis Ababa, this town...

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List of universities and colleges in Ethiopia

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a list of universities and colleges in Ethiopia. It includes both public and private institutions. "List of Ethiopian Public Universities" (PDF). Archived...

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Negele Arsi

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Negele Arsi or Arsi Negele, is a city in southeastern Ethiopia. Located in the West Arsi Zone of the Oromia Region on the paved highway north of Shashamane...

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Arsi Nami

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Arsalan Nami (Persian: ارسلان نامی) (born May 21, 1984) better known as Arsi Nami, is a Swedish-Persian actor, music therapist, singer, songwriter, screenwriter...

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Arsis and thesis

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In music and prosody, arsis (/ˈɑːrsɪs/; plural arses, /ˈɑːrsiːz/) and thesis (/ˈθiːsɪs/; plural theses, /ˈθiːsiːz/) are respectively the stronger and...

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Tocharian languages

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(sometimes Tokharian) languages (/təˈkɛəriən/ or /təˈkɑːriən/), also known as Arśi-Kuči, Agnean-Kuchean or Kuchean-Agnean, are an extinct branch of the Indo-European...

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Battle of Dodota

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second campaign against the Arsi. During the December 1883 Arsi campaign, Menelik II had invaded with the goal of annexing the Arsi territory. Karim ElAmin...

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Southern Oromo language

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such as the Sakuye. Dialects are Borana proper (Boran, Borena), possibly Arsi (Arussi, Arusi) and Guji (Gujji, Jemjem) in Ethiopia and, in Kenya, Karayu...

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Battle of Azule

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between the forces of Ras Darge Sahle Selassie of Shewa and a force of Arsi Oromo. It was part of a broader series of expansion campaigns done under...

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mythology. The King of Brahmas called Arsi (အာသီ), lost a wager to the King of Devas, Śakra (သိကြားမင်း), who decapitated Arsi as agreed. Still, the head of an...

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Jawar Mohammed

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Mohammed was born on 12 May 1986 in the Dhumuga, Arsi Province bordering Hararghe. His father was Arsi Oromo, of Muslim faith, while his mother an Orthodox...

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Adanech Abebe

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first woman to hold the mayorship since it was created in 1910. Born in Arsi Province, Adanech has little familial disclosure, according to her education...

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Oromo people

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The Barento moved in a eastern direction, eventually settling in today's Arsi, Bale, Hararghe and Wollo regions. Whereas the Boorana trekked northwest...

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Cushitic ethnic group. They live in the West Hararghe Zone, East Hararghe Zone, Arsi zone, of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia while the other subgroup named Borana...

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Lake Pichola

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from where the king would watch the annual Gangaur festival celebration. Arsi Vilas, small island which was an ammunition depot, but also a small palace...

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romanized: Qarasheher), which was originally known in the Tocharian languages as Ārśi (or Arshi), Qarašähär, or Agni or the Chinese derivative Yanqi (Chinese:...

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Ethiopian wolf

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the Gojjam plateau were a century out of date. Wolves were recorded in the Arsi Mountains since the early 20th century, and in the Bale Mountains in the...

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Oromo language

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divides Oromo into four languages: Western Oromo (Maca) Shewa (Tuulama, Arsi) Eastern Oromo (Harar) Southern Oromo (Ajuran, Borana, Gabra, Munyo, Orma...

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ensi (governors) for the empire. Some of the known governors were Abba, Arši-aḫ, Itūr-ilum, Murteli, Unabatal, and Puzur-Tutu. After that nothing is heard...

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Yalemtsehay Mekonnen

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Addis Ababa University (AAU). Yalemtsehay Mekonnen was born on 30 May 1955 in Asella, Arsi Province. She was educated at Addis Ababa University, where she...

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Metrical foot

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specified that a foot must have both an arsis and a thesis, that is, a place where the foot was raised ("arsis") and where it was put down ("thesis") in...

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Seikilos epitaph

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Anonymus Bellermanni), they represent an 'arsis', which has been taken to mean a kind of 'upbeat' ('arsis' means 'raising' in Greek); Armand D'Angour...

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Shikshin Temple

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prehistory Qigexing was part of the city state of Ārśi or Agni (now known as Karasahr/Qarasheher). Ārśi is believed to have been the homeland of an extinct...

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Constitution. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780191058615. Grewal, J. S. (8 October 1998). The Sikhs of the Punjab. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521637640...

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