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Île Autonome d'Anjouan[1][2]
جزيرة أنزون المتمتعة بالحكم الذاتي
Autonomous island
Autonomous Island of Anjouan[3]
Flag of Anjouan
Anjouan is the easternmost island of the Comoros islands
Anjouan is the easternmost island of the Comoros islands
Anjouan in the Comoros
Anjouan in the Comoros
Coordinates: 12°12′54″S 44°25′30″E / 12.21500°S 44.42500°E / -12.21500; 44.42500
 • TypeAutonomous Island within a federal presidential republic
 • PresidentAbdou Salami Abdou
 • Total424 km2 (164 sq mi)
1,595 m (5,233 ft)
 • Total360,409
 • Density850/km2 (2,200/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+03:00 (EAT)

Anjouan ([ɑ̃.ʒu.ɑ̃]) is an autonomous volcanic island in the Comoro Islands in the southwestern Indian Ocean, part of the Union of the Comoros. It is known in Shikomori as Ndzuani, Ndzuwani or Nzwani, and, until the early twentieth century when the name fell out of general use (although still sometimes used by English-speakers in Zanzibar), in English as Johanna.[4] Historically it was also called Hinzuan or Hanzoan.

The town of Mutsamudu

Its chief town is Mutsamudu and, as of 2006, its population is around 277,500. The total area of the island is 424 square kilometers (163 square miles).

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  3. ^ Translation of the French name. (in French) Site officiel du Gouvernorat de l'île autonome d'Anjouan (Official site of the Governorate of the Autonomous Island of Anjouan)
  4. ^ Stevens, Kenneth (Winter 1986). "Of Whaling Ships and Kings: The Johanna Bombardment of 1851". Prologue. 18: 241–249.

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Anjouan ([ɑ̃.ʒu.ɑ̃]) is an autonomous volcanic island in the Comoro Islands in the southwestern Indian Ocean, part of the Union of the Comoros. It is...

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The invasion of Anjouan (code-named Operation Democracy in Comoros), on March 25, 2008, was an amphibious assault led by the Comoros, backed by African...

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Union of the Comoros, with its capital Moroni Ndzuwani (also known as Anjouan): part of the Union of the Comoros Mwali (also known as Mohéli): part of...

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Flag of Anjouan

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The flag of Anjouan was adopted in 2012. It is a red field with a centered white crescent moon and four white stars. Flag of the Sultanate of Ndzuwani...

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Anjouan myotis

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The Anjouan myotis (Myotis anjouanensis) is a species of vesper bat. It is found only in Comoros. It was described as a new species in 1960 by French...

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History of the Comoros

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Sunley, a planter and British Consul from 1848 to 1866, was an influence on Anjouan. France's presence in the western Indian Ocean dates to the early 17th...

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is a TV station run by the Anjouan regional government, and regional governments on the islands of Grande Comore and Anjouan each operate a radio station...

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Order of the Star of Anjouan

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The Ordre de l'Étoile d'Anjouan (Order of the Star of Anjouan) was a French colonial order of knighthood founded in 1874. It was established in 1874 by...

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Geography of the Comoros

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Comorian government. They are Grande Comore (Njazidja), Mohéli (Mwali), Anjouan (Nzwani), and Mayotte (Mahoré). The islands' distance from each other—Grande...

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Located 295 km (183 mi) west of Madagascar and 67 km (42 mi) southeast of Anjouan, sometimes visible at sunset in the shade, it is composed of several islands...

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Anjouan brush warbler

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The Anjouan brush warbler (Nesillas longicaudata) is a species of Old World warbler in the family Acrocephalidae. Clements lumps this bird into the Malagasy...

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Azali Assoumani

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Massounde had begun negotiations with representatives of the island of Anjouan for greater autonomy or independence. This was despite the fact that an...

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Anjouan Island day gecko

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The Anjouan Island day gecko (Phelsuma v-nigra anjouanensis) is a small diurnal subspecies of gecko. It lives in the Comoros and typically inhabits trees...

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Grande Comore

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and Domba. The sultans were also known as mfaume. In 1886, the ruler of Anjouan, Sultan Said Ali bin Said Omar declared a "state of Ngazidja", usurping...

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Anjouan scops owl

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The Anjouan scops owl (Otus capnodes) is an owl endemic to the island of Anjouan in the Comoro Islands. The Anjouan scops owl occurs in grey and rufous...

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President of Anjouan

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The President of Anjouan is the head of Anjouan, one of the three islands of the Union of Comoros. The position was firstly established in 1997 after the...

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African Union

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formation of armies tends to be vastly undercut. A successful 2008 invasion of Anjouan by AU and Comoros forces to stop self-declared president Mohamed Bacar...

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Anjouan sunbird

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The Anjouan sunbird (Cinnyris comorensis) is a species of bird in the sunbird family, Nectariniidae. It is endemic to Anjouan island in the Comoros, where...

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1997 Anjouan independence referendum

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An independence referendum was held on Anjouan, an island in the Comoros, on 26 October 1997. Over 99% of voters voted in favour of independence. However...

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Mohamed Bacar

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(born May 5, 1962 in Barakani, Anjouan, then a French colony) is a Comorian former politician who was President of Anjouan, one of the three autonomous...

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2024 Comorian presidential election

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presidency of the Comoros rotated between the country's three main islands: Anjouan, Grande Comore and Mohéli. The 2010 elections were limited to Mohélian...

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Ouani Airport

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Ouani Airport (IATA: AJN, ICAO: FMCV) is an airport in Anjouan, Comoros. "Calculating the risks brings reward". Times Aerospace. 2023-07-28. Retrieved...

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Postage stamps and postal history of Anjouan

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postage stamps included types specifically intended for use in the island of Anjouan. These were inscribed "SULTANAT / D'ANJOUAN". A series of surcharged values...

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Amphibious warfare

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Amphibious warfare is a type of offensive military operation that today uses naval ships to project ground and air power onto a hostile or potentially...

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Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport

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120ER Brasilia (registration number D6-HUA) was underway from Moroni to Anjouan (both in Comoros Islands) on a charter flight with 25 passengers and 4...

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been caught have been captured around the islands of Grande Comore and Anjouan in the Comoros Archipelago (Indian Ocean). Though there are cases of L...

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