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Amhara massacres

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actors in the Southern SNNPR region and other places The four major Amhara genocidal timelines include: The rebel movements can be characterized as Manifesto...

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Amhara people

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Amharas (Amharic: አማራ, romanized: Āmara; Ge'ez: ዐምሐራ, romanized: ʾÄməḥära) are a Semitic-speaking ethnic group which is indigenous to Ethiopia, traditionally...

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Genocides in history

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committed by the Tigray forces in both the Amhara & Afar regions. On 20 November 2021, Genocide Watch called for genocide in Ethiopia, predicted in the context...

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Amhara Association of America

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Shimelis Abdisa, Amhara Prosperity Party (formerly Amhara Democratic Party) and other government officials complicit in the Amhara genocide. AAA was founded...

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War crimes in the Tigray War

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the State of Eritrea, the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and Amhara regional forces have been the subject of numerous reports of both war crimes...

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2023 in Ethiopia

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President: Sahle-Work Zewde Prime Minister: Abiy Ahmed War in Amhara Unrest in Gambela Amhara genocide Demolitions of civilian houses, religious and historical...

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Rwandan genocide

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The Rwandan genocide occurred between 7 April and 15 July 1994 during the Rwandan Civil War. During this period of around 100 days, members of the Tutsi...

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Ethnic violence

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East Timor genocide Kurdish genocide Bosnian genocide Rwandan genocide Darfur genocide Rohingya genocide Uyghur genocide Amhara genocide Persecution...

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Predictions of a genocide in Ethiopia

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Predictions of a genocide in Ethiopia, particularly one that targets Tigrayans, Amharas and/or Oromos, have frequently occurred during the 2020s, particularly...

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2021 Ataye clashes

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clashes started when Amhara special forces shot a person on the steps of the mosque in the town, then quickly spread with Oromo and Amhara militia taking up...

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Ethnic conflict

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War American Indian Wars Armenian genocide Amhara genocide Rwandan genocide Rohingya genocide Guatemalan genocide Israeli-Palestinian conflict Communal...

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Mai Kadra massacre

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2020 in the town of Mai Kadra in the Welkiat, disputed area between the Amhara Region and Tigray Region of northwestern Ethiopia, near the Sudanese border...

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List of massacres in Ethiopia

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November 2022). ""It Only Reopens Old Wounds": Lived Experiences of Amhara Genocide Survivors From the Maikadra Massacre in Ethiopia". Families in Society:...

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Tigray War

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Tigray forces push south as Amhara militias mobilise". Reuters. Retrieved 13 July 2021. Collins, Tom (19 July 2021). "Genocide fears after Ethiopian PM vows...

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Political repression under Abiy Ahmed

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Quartz. 2018-06-21. Retrieved 2023-08-13. "Identity and Violence: Abiy Ahmed's Amhara genocide denial". Reset DOC. 2023-05-04. Retrieved 2023-08-13....

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Axum massacre

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in the US in late January 2021. Denied by the Eritrean government Amhara genocide Gimbi massacre Metekel conflict Mai Kadra massacre "Ethiopia: Eritrean...

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Welkait question

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Human Rights Watch. 2022-04-06. "Identity and Violence: Abiy Ahmed's Amhara genocide denial". Reset DOC. 2023-05-04. Retrieved 2023-08-06. "Country Summary:...

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Government of Ethiopia

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"Ze-Etiyopia" called prior to the mid-19th century, consisted mainly of the Amhara and Tigrayans. These are northern people who share a similar language, culture...

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2005 Ethiopian general election violence

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Up to the end of 2005, around 8,000 Ethiopian rioters were freed. Amhara genocide Gimbi massacre Metekel conflict Mai Kadra massacre "Global Integrity...

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2021 Ethiopian general election

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was dissolved on 1 December 2019. Three of its four-member parties, the Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) and Southern Ethiopian...

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Metekel massacre

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started, with the aim of solving the root causes of the conflict. Amhara genocide 2020 Ethiopia bus attack Gimbi massacre Metekel conflict Mai Kadra...

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Abiy Ahmed

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explain why his government is "unable to stop the ongoing genocide against the people of Amhara, and why it has not been able to provide adequate support...

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