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Alfa Romeo

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D2 Alfa Romeo 110 Alfa Romeo 115 Alfa Romeo 121 Alfa Romeo 125 Alfa Romeo 126 Alfa Romeo 128 Alfa Romeo 135 Alfa Romeo Lynx Alfa Romeo Mercurius Alfa Romeo...

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Alfa Romeo Tipo 1035

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php "There's an Alfa Romeo V10 "V1035" Formula 1 Engine for Sale". 28 June 2021. "You Have Just Two Days to Buy This Alfa Romeo V10 F1 Engine". "Alfa...

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Abbreviated Language for Authorization

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The Abbreviated Language for Authorization (ALFA) is a domain-specific language used in the formulation of access-control policies. XACML, the eXtensible...

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Zombie Girl

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instruments. She has produced two EPs and two full-length albums on the Alfa Matrix record label. Her albums are sold in the United States under the Metropolis...

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Project Horned Owl

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Owl (ホーンドアウル, Hōndoauru), is a light gun shooter video game developed by Alfa System and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation....

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List of electronic music festivals

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Festival". Retrieved 2015-02-16. "Alfa future people". Alfa-bank. Fielding, Amy (4 July 2022). "How AVA Festival is creating...

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Hungry Lucy

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female vocalist. Beginning in 1998, they released four full-length CDs on Alfa Matrix in Europe (including EU only 2-CD boxset versions) and on Hungry Media...

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Dodge Journey

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Alfa Romeo in United States - Vendite di auto FCA negli Stati Uniti". Retrieved 7 February 2018. "Sales of Fiat-Chrysler-Alfa Romeo...

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International Engine of the Year

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and Scoring "Ford, Ferrari and BMW clean up at 2012 International Engine of the Year...

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Enrico Zanarini

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driver management in the early 1970s when he was a marketing director for Alfa Romeo in Australia and South Pacific area. After relocating his business...

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Eoin Murray

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an Irish racing driver, born 9 December 1982. After winning the European Alfa Romeo 147 Challenge in 2005, he made his BTCC debut in the middle of 2006...

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Carrozzeria Boneschi

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mostly involved with automobile manufacturers such as Talbot, Rolls-Royce, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Fiat. It was established in Milan by Giovanni Boneschi...

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FTSE 250 Index

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abrdn Private Equity Opportunities Trust APEO Investment Trusts Alfa Financial Software ALFA Software and Computer Services Alliance Trust ATST Investment...

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Lamborghini Miura

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which was already wrecked and used for the post-crash scenes in the film. Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale De Tomaso Mangusta Ferrari Daytona Iso Grifo Maserati Ghibli...

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Rolf Stommelen

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his recovery, Stommelen returned to sports car racing, winning races for Alfa Romeo and also winning the 24 Hours of Daytona a further three times. In...

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Kamaz vehicles financial statement

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Choroidal neovascularization

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U, Kryzstolik M (January 2006). "Antiangiogenic therapy with interferon alfa for neovascular age-related macular degeneration". The Cochrane Database...

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Peter Sauber

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com/ns/ns14214.html Autosport - Strang, Simon; Rencken, Dieter (2009-08-01). "Sauber working...

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GM High Feature engine

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[citation needed]. Holden also produced the 3.2L engines that were used by Alfa Romeo as the basis of its JTS V6 engine. Applications: 2006-2010 Daewoo Winstorm...

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Oromo Liberation Army

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original (PDF) on 26 December 2016. Retrieved 1 June 2017. Shaban, Abdur Rahman Alfa (7 August 2018). "Ethiopia govt agrees peace deal with Eritrea-based 'ex-terror'...

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Algerian Green Dam

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vegetation were planted: Aleppo pine, which grows easily in this region, and Alfa. The risk of desertification threatens arid and semi-arid regions throughout...

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Austin A90 Atlantic

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needed] The car was almost certainly influenced by a 1946 Pininfarina-bodied Alfa Romeo cabriolet, which just happened to end up at the Longbridge factory...

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Yukihiro Takahashi

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May 1981 Label: Alfa Formats: LP, Cassette tape, CD, digital download, streaming 21 What, Me Worry? Released: 21 June 1982 Label: Alfa Formats: LP, Cassette...

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Nissan Terra

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starts at PhP 1.499M". Retrieved 2020-11-25. De Guzman, Marcus (2021-09-01). "Launched: 2022 Nissan Terra starts at PHP 1.649M". AutoIndustriya...

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Ernie McAfee

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campaigned a Ferrari 500 Mondial in the 1954 race. He owned a Ferrari, Siata, Alfa Romeo, Moretti, and O.S.C.A. dealership on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles...

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Toshiyuki Watanabe

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Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion the Movie: Mirai Kara Kita Shinsoku no ALFA-X (2019) "Round Vernian Vifam" (1983-1999) Bosco Adventure (1986-1987) Metal...

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Canting keel

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Yacht Rolex Cup placed ahead of the previously unbeaten world champion Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo II, designed by Reichel/Pugh features a canting keel and fore-and-aft...

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Dataset 6603 234–236 °C Alfa Aesar A10431, 39214 Experimental Boiling Point: 178 °C (Sublimes) Alfa Aesar 178 °C (Sublimes) Alfa Aesar 39214 Nehlig A, Daval...

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