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Provinces of Eritrea

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nine provinces of Eritrea into six administrative regions. Akeleguzay Akele Guzai Eritrea (ምድረ ቡር Madre Bur) was a province kingdom of Tigrinya civilization...

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It includes the northeastern corner of the Ethiopian Empire, borders Akele Guzai in Eritrea, Tembien, Kalatta Awlalo and Enderta in the south, and both...

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Medri Bahri

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therefore campaigned against them in 1332 AD. The regions of Hamasien and Akele Guzai would fall under Ethiopian rule following this campaign. It was later...

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Tigray Province

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northern Ethiopia that overlayed the present day Afar and Tigray regions. Akele Guzai borders with the Tigray province. It encompassed most of the territories...

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Segeneyti was the third largest settlement in the historical province of Akele Guzai, after Mendefera and Senafe. Segheneyti is widely known in Eritrea for...

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Battle of Adwa

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In December 1894, Bahta Hagos led a rebellion against the Italians in Akele Guzai, in what was then Italian controlled Eritrea. Units of General Oreste...

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History of Eritrea

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capital at Debarwa, the state's main provinces were Hamasien, Serae and Akele Guzai. In 1879, Medri Bahri was annexed by Ras Alula, who defended the area...

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Saho language

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eastern flank of the South- or Debub region in what was formerly known as Akele Guzai province). This speech area is bordered by other Afro-Asiatic-speaking...

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capital at Debarwa, the state's main provinces were Hamasien, Serae, and Akele Guzai. By 1517, the Ottomans had succeeded in conquering Medri Bahri. They...

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Tora people

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of Mensa’, Marya Tselim and Maria Keyeh of Senhit, Hazo and Taroa of Akele Guzai came from Arabia, through Yemen and they still remember the kinship....

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Ahmed Mohammed Nasser

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village called Ayromale located in the plains of Dioot of Eastern Akkele-Guzai. He was of Saho descent. In 1964 he joined the Eritrean Liberation Front...

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Eritrean nationality law

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for Italy. Sapeto had first come to Eritrea in 1837 and worked in the Akele Guzai region. He later worked near Keren and was knowledgeable in the language...

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