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Agawmeder (Amharic: አገው ምድር) was a historical state and region in the northwestern part of Ethiopia. Its most likely etymology is from Agew (አገው ägäw), a people living in the area, plus meder (land), thus meaning "Land of the Agaw".[1] The western neighbor of Gojjam, it was located where the Agew Awi Zone now lies.

  1. ^ Uhlig, Siegbert, ed. Encyclopaedia Aethiopica: A-C. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2003. p. 117

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Agawmeder (Amharic: አገው ምድር) was a historical state and region in the northwestern part of Ethiopia. Its most likely etymology is from Agew (አገው ägäw)...

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By 1700, Gojjam's western neighbors were Agawmeder in the southwest and Qwara in the northwest. Agawmeder, never an organized political entity, was gradually...

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Qwara Province

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Lake Tana and the frontier inside present-day Sudan, and stretching from Agawmeder in the south as far north as Metemma, and as far west as Wad Madani, Sudan...

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Kosober (Amharic: ኮሶበር) is the town in Gojjam Agawmeder[clarification needed], Amhara Region, Ethiopia, which is found between Bahir Dar and Debre Marqos...

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Provinces of Ethiopia

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frequently used to indicate locations within Ethiopia. These include: Agame Agawmeder Begemder Dawaro Dembiya Enderta Fatagar Hadiya Ifat Lasta Menz Qwara Semien...

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Yeshaq I

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commemorate his victory. Yeshaq also invaded the Shanqella region beyond Agawmeder, and to the southeast he fought against the sons of Sa'ad ad-Din II who...

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Yohannes I

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military expeditions. Three of these were against the Agaw in Gojjam, and Agawmeder, one against the Oromo, and two punitive expeditions to the area around...

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Medferiashwork Abebe

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who in turn was daughter of Ras Bitwodad Mangasha Atikam of Damot and Agawmeder, Viceroy of Gojjam, who was a major figure during the reign of Emperor...

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manned by R.E. Cheesman, who spent a considerable amount of energy mapping Agawmeder and nearby Gojjam. Dangila has played a role in Ethiopian literature....

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Battle of Gur Amba

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refused to respond to Ali's summons. Ras Ali dispatched a large army to Agawmeder after his rebellious vassal, and Kassa responded by moving to a fortified...

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Battle of Embabo

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family. There the Emperor hammered out a compromise: Yohannes would take Agawmeder from Negus Tekle Haymanot and Wollo from Negus Menelik; Menelik would...

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Dengel Ber

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beginning of 1852, Dejazmach Kasa (the future Emperor Tewodros II) moved from Agawmeder to a fortified position near Dengel Ber. Ali's officers found the position...

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