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Comparison of Internet forum software

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admins: Native NNTP gateway:

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DokuWiki is a wiki application licensed under GPLv2 and written in the PHP programming language. It works on plain text files and thus does not need a...

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Revive Adserver

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OpenX Source began as phpAdsNew, a fork from a similar project called phpAds, created by Tobias Ratschiller in 1998. When the phpAds project came to a...

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Joe Urso

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Comparison of relational database management systems

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ColumnStore index, temporary hash index for hash join, Non/Cluster & fill factor. Note (5): InnoDB automatically generates adaptive hash index entries as...

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Jun Rundstedt Ebdane

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was the Provincial Administrator of the Province of Zambales and was a Police Chief Inspector.[dead...

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Zambales National High School

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Frontier Corps

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Civil Armed Forces Website

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Internet forum

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Retrieved 2012-10-31. "phpBB FAQ: How can I report posts to a moderator?". Retrieved 2008-09-14. "Community Rules 1c". Retrieved 2008-09-14...

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/ˈzuːps/ is a free open-source content management system (CMS), written in PHP. It uses a modular architecture allowing users to customize, update and theme...

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Web crawler

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Identification is also useful for administrators that are interested in knowing when they may expect their Web pages to be indexed by a particular search engine...

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net2ftp Help for administrators is version 1.00 Used by the Invisionix Systems IRSR

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Data dictionary

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includes a PHP class library to automate the creation of tables, indexes, and foreign key constraints portably for multiple databases. Another PHP-based data...

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B+-tree indexes, both single-column and multi-column. The following types of indexes can be created: Indexes and reversed indexes Unique indexes and reverse...

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Prefeitura Municipal de Gramado. 1 May 2009 < Archived 20 April 2009 at the Wayback...

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technical administrators". EPrints is a Web and command-line application based on the LAMP architecture (but is written in Perl rather than PHP). It has...

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Search engine

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instead depended on being notified by website administrators of the existence at each site of an index file in a particular format. JumpStation (created...

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Equatorial Geophysical Research Laboratory

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193.153.36/iigweb/index.php?page_id=133 v t e v t e...

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Philippine Stock Exchange

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Philippine Stock Exchange has 275 listed companies. The main index for PSE is the PSE Composite Index (PSEi) composed of thirty (30) listed companies. The selection...

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ACC Championship

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format First-class cricket Host(s)  United Arab Emirates Participants 4 Official website

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Database encryption

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database performance and can cause administration issues as system administrators require operating system access to use EFS. Due to the issues concerning...

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Secondary data

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Analysis of Qualitative Data' FQS 6(1) UK Data Archive: curator of the largest UK collection...

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Web server

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or by supporting the usage of dynamic index programs such as CGIs, SCGIs, FCGIs, e.g. index.cgi, index.php, index.fcgi. Usage of dynamically generated...

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Occupational prestige

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2012. 245-46. Print.

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