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Many aviation-related events took place in 2022. Throughout the year, aviation industry was recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2022 in aviation

Last Update:

Aviation portal Modern history portal Many aviation-related events took place in 2022. Throughout the year, aviation industry was recovering from the COVID-19...

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2016 in aviation

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Aviation portal This is a list of aviation-related events from 2016. The deadliest crash of this year was a government official flight, namely the 2016...

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as lighter-than-air craft such as hot air balloons and airships. Aviation began in the 18th century with the development of the hot air balloon, an apparatus...

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Menzies Aviation

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fuelling, through its subsidiary Menzies Aviation Ltd.. The company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. On 4 August 2022, Agility Logistics acquired the company...

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Shahed Aviation Industries

Last Update:

UAVs. In November 2022, Shahed Aviation was also sactioned by the USA and Canada. "Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2022/1985 of 20 October 2022 implementing...

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Joby Aviation

Last Update:

Joby Aviation is a United States venture-backed aviation company, developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that it intends...

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Timeline of aviation

Last Update:

of aviation history, and a list of more detailed aviation timelines. The texts in the diagram are clickable links to articles. Timeline of aviation before...

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Archer Aviation

Last Update:

Archer Aviation is a publicly traded company headquartered in San Jose, California, which is developing eVTOL aircraft. Its eVTOL aircraft are planned...

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Aviation accidents and incidents

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An aviation accident is defined by the Convention on International Civil Aviation Annex 13 as an occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft...

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GE Aerospace

Last Update:

operate another joint venture, CFM Materials. In July 2022, GE Aviation changed its name to GE Aerospace in a move executives say reflects the engine maker's...

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DHL Aviation

Last Update:

DHL Aviation is a division of DHL (owned by Deutsche Post) responsible for providing air transport capacity. It is not a single airline but a group of...

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Aviation fuel

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Aviation fuels are petroleum-based fuels, or petroleum and synthetic fuel blends, used to power aircraft. They have more stringent requirements than fuels...

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2023 in aviation

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Aviation portal Modern history portal Many aviation-related events are expected to take place in 2023. The aviation industry continued to recover from...

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List of sole survivors of aviation accidents and incidents

Last Update:

This list includes sole survivors of aviation accidents and incidents that involved 10 or more onboard. Within this list, "sole survivor" refers to a person...

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List of US aircraft near miss incidents in 2023

Last Update:

in five years. 2018 to 2022 combined had 23 comparable incidents, 5 of which occurred in 2022. The events prompted a review by the Federal Aviation Administration...

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Comac C919

Last Update:

initially targeted a maiden flight in 2014. Comac applied for a type certificate for the aircraft from the Civil Aviation Authority of China on 28 October...

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International Civil Aviation Organization

Last Update:

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO, /ˌaɪˈkeɪˌoʊ/ eye-KAY-oh) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that coordinates the principles...

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Textron Aviation

Last Update:

Textron Aviation Inc. is the general aviation business unit of the conglomerate Textron that was formed in March 2014 following the acquisition of Beech...

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Cessna 408 SkyCourier

Last Update:

February 3, 2022. Cessna was aiming for certification in the first half of the year before first delivery later in 2022. Federal Aviation Administration...

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Astral Aviation

Last Update:

Astral Aviation is a cargo airline based in Nairobi, Kenya. It was established in November 2000 and started operations in January 2001. It operates scheduled...

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AB Aviation Flight 1103

Last Update:

(NWA)". Retrieved 26 February 2022. "Plane with 14 people on board crashes in the Comoros". Hindustan Times. 27 February 2022. Retrieved...

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Air India Limited

Last Update:

Airlines House in New Delhi. It was previously a central public sector undertaking under the ownership of Ministry of Civil Aviation. It was incorporated...

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Billy Nolen

Last Update:

has served as acting administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) since April 1, 2022. Prior to Nolen's appointment as acting administrator...

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Aviation Industry Corporation of China

Last Update:

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) is a Chinese state-owned aerospace and defense conglomerate headquartered in Beijing. AVIC is overseen...

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European Aviation Air Charter

Last Update:

European Aviation Air Charter was an airline based in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. It operated ad hoc charter services, VIP flights, and inclusive-tour...

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Aviation American Gin

Last Update:

Aviation American Gin, also known as Aviation Gin, is a brand of gin first produced in Portland, Oregon, by founders Christian Krogstad and Ryan Magarian...

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Wizz Air Malta

Last Update:

Agency (EASA) and its Operating Licence by the Malta Civil Aviation Directorate. On 15 August 2022 the company named former Ryanair executive Diarmuid O Conghaile...

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Civil Aviation Administration of China

Last Update:

civil aviation and investigates aviation accidents and incidents. As the aviation authority responsible for China, it concludes civil aviation agreements...

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and Eurowings (referred to in English by Lufthansa as its Passenger Airline Group), Deutsche Lufthansa AG owns several aviation-related companies, such as...

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