Has Xbox ever outsold Playstation?

Microsoft has always fought to outsell Sony in the videogame industry, but the console has never been able to outsell the PS4. The Xbox is a huge success in the home, but Microsoft has managed to keep the PlayStation from falling behind in sales. While PlayStation exclusive games have vanished from Xbox, the PlayStation 5 is outselling its predecessor in every market. The company is also putting more emphasis on the PlayStation Game Pass, which is available exclusively for Xbox users.

The PS5 has outsold the Xbox Series X/S in every quarter since its release in 2013. While it hasn’t been able to gain a massive lead, the PS5 has been outselling its competitors. It is not impossible to see this trend changing in the future, especially if Sony starts releasing more exclusive games. If it does happen, the PlayStation is in for a big surprise.

The Xbox brand has been outselling the PlayStation for years now. The PlayStation 2 sold 157.7 million units in the first quarter of 2013. Until June 26th of 2013, Microsoft had been distributing production capacity from the xCloud service between the retail sector and the xCloud service. As a result, the Xbox outsold PlayStation during that same quarter. With this strategy, Microsoft has become the market leader.

Until June 26th of this year, the PlayStation 4 was outsold by 50 million units and the Xbox One sold 106 million units. Before this, Microsoft had been distributing production capacity between its retail and xCloud services. After that, the PlayStation was outsold by over 100 million units. It is not difficult to imagine that the PlayStation 5 will overtake the PlayStation at this point. If this happens, it would be the first time in history that a video game console has outsold a PlayStation.

In June, Microsoft released its first-generation console and the Xbox Series X. While both consoles are in the same generation, they are not sold at the same rate. The PlayStation was the first to be released in Japan, while the Xbox was the first to reach the U.S. on May 31. However, Sony’s sales growth is attributed to the PlayStation’s launch in the UK. It is not clear whether the PlayStation is the better-known brand, but it is clearly outselling Xbox.

The Xbox One sold 50 million units, but the PlayStation sold 106 million units. Although Microsoft is still catching up with its rival, it is hard to say that the PlayStation is the better-selling console. With a strong lineup of exclusive titles, the Xbox could even outsell the PlayStation. This is why the PS4 was released before the PlayStation. So, it was no surprise that Microsoft outsold Sony in June.

The PlayStation is not alone in the popularity stakes. The PlayStation has been the number one game console for a decade and is still the number two selling gaming console by volume. Its predecessor was the Atari 2600, which was the first home gaming console. Now, the Xbox is making its mark on the handheld space, as well. This means that if you’re looking for a portable game, it will have a long life.

As of June 2012, Microsoft’s Xbox hardware revenue was $401 million, putting Sony’s PlayStation in the backseat. By the end of the year, the Xbox had sold 147 million units, a 7% decrease YoY. The company’s latest announcement is that it will be deploying its Xbox Series X server blades to its xCloud programme. So, it’s clear that the PlayStation is in the backseat when it comes to gaming.

Historically, the PS4 has outsold the Xbox 360, but there have been several times when the PlayStation has been the dominant console. The PS5 has outsold the Xbox by over 20%, but the PS4’s launch period was more than two years ago. Its launch-period sales surpassed the Xbox 360’s two-week total of 2.1 million units, according to Ampere Analytics.

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