Blockchain Project ‘Move to Earn’ Run Together coming soon in Vietnam

In recent times, Vietnam has become the global leader in blockchain applications. Vietnamese people are investing in “move to earn” projects. One such project, Calo, uses technology to detect children’s movement, earning them money. The project’s launch was a success, and the concept of “move to earn” became a trend with the appearance of StepN. The project is expected to be implemented in Vietnam on April 27.

Fintech advocates have described Vietnam as an emerging global hub for blockchain technology. The Vietnamese economy has experienced explosive growth over the past 30 years. The world bank predicts that the country’s economy will grow at a 6.7% CAGR in 2019. By 2021, 40 percent of Vietnamese adults will own a smartphone. Blockchain technology will help to facilitate this development. The country’s government is exploring its own digital currency.

Run Together - Move to Earn
Run Together – Move to Earn

FOTA, which is an unpublished game, has gained support from investors and traditional gamers in Vietnam. The company’s focus on state-of-the-art technology, sustainability, and reliable human resources has already led to its successful raising of $8.3 million in seed funding. As a new industry, the Vietnamese blockchain game market is in its infancy and is still subject to various policy barriers. One of these hurdles is the legalization of digital currencies.

With the help of blockchain technology, Vietnamese people can earn from physical activity. Some even buy shoes and run for hire. Several other people use the move to earn app to help them save money. The price of StepN shoes is rising steadily, and professional players earn between $200 and $400 a day. However, some question the viability of this business model. Anh says that the breakeven time for the StepN model may be longer than the breakeven point in the future, as more people join the platform. Furthermore, the GST price may fluctuate, and there may be a larger number of players.

Move to Earn is a crypto-gambling platform that rewards users with a fraction of the utility token inflation. This rewards users with a fixed reward pool based on their performance relative to other participants, with the higher the user number, the more their earnings. Although the application has limited functionality, it has potential to be highly profitable if used properly. However, users should exercise caution and be cautious during periods of strong bearish price action.

Run Together – Move to Earn is an app for mobile devices, with a cryptocurrency and blockchain component integrated in its platform. Users earn $MOVEY tokens by moving around, playing games, or burning calories. No prior knowledge of crypto is necessary as the app’s platform is designed for the new generation. With this powerful application, Movey aims to attract millions of new people to cryptocurrency. The project’s goal is to create an ecosystem that makes crypto comprehensible and easy to use.

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