Are Witches Real?

What are Witches? The word witch seems to come from the Old Religion. Early witches were individuals who practiced witchcraft, contacting spirits for aid, and using powerful magic spells. But the real history of Witches, in fact, is quite dark and, in many cases, fatal.

The word is from the middle ages, a time when witches and other “witches” traveled from region to region, seeking powerful magic and powerful deities to do their bidding. And it was during this dark time that “witches” became an everyday term used to describe those practicing black arts, including magic spells, and attempting to use paranormal means to achieve change.

Are Witches Real?
Are Witches Real?

Today, there are many organizations that claim to represent witches. But who are they, and what can they do for you? Well, in the United States, there are several recognized and official organizations of this type: The World Association of Wiccraft (WINA), the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Assemblies of Witchcraft (AWW), the International Association of Wicca (IOWC), and the United Earth Lodge (UELL). In many parts of the world, there are similar but smaller organizations.

A real witch is a member of a coven, which meets under the guidance of a senior witch. Each coven has a prescribed membership, which may vary widely. In most real witch covens, men and women of common Wiccan birthdays and ages are usually welcome to join; older Witches tend to be older, and more powerful, and less likely to bend their principles for personal gain. When asked, a real witch will tell you: “I am a witch; I do what I choose, and no one can tell me what to do or how to act.”

Members of covens are expected to each bring home an article of Witchcraft and use it in a specific ritual, which is then acted out in front of other witches. This ritual is called a “tradition” in the tradition of witchcraft. It is important for each witch to practice the same religion and beliefs as the coven’s religion and beliefs. Those who break from this tradition risk excommunication.

Witchcraft is not a religion in the traditional sense of the word. Pagans and Witches do not believe in a god; they believe in the power of magic, and the potential for doing good deeds. (This is true of Wicca, too, although it differs somewhat from religion.) While both Wiccans and Pagans believe in a higher power, they view that power as feminine and are much more accepting of each other than Christians are.

The fact that there are so many real witches out there shows that Wicca is not an evil practice. The same thing could be said for any other kind of spiritual or magical practice. There are so many people doing all kinds of things, doing all kinds of bad things, yet there are still thousands who practice each of these things. The question “Are there real witches?” Is simply one of perspective.

Some say there aren’t witches because women don’t really have power over demons or other forms of evil. They may know a spell they can cast that will drive away a demon, but that isn’t really doing anything to help the person suffering because the demon will still be in them. Wiccans, on the other hand, are really the ones doing the work of fighting against the demon. They cast spells; they perform rituals; they dedicate themselves to their religion. Their goal is not to save someone from their misery but to make that person more spiritually aware, and to turn themselves into vessels of the divine.

So are witches real? I guess there is no real answer to that question. What matters most is what matters most for each individual person – their personal insight and beliefs about life. We live in a world where there are those who are willing to use any means necessary, including evil doers, to achieve what they want. It is up to each of us to keep ourselves lighthearted and remain aware at all times, because we are the ones who can stop any of those who would wish to do harm.

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